Tuesday, August 13, 2013

#10 Chi Chi LaRue's Brother Fucker

So, we meet again. In looking over my past entries it seems this blog had a major boom during August of 2012. Why not bring it back alive a year later? Honestly I'm not sure why I fell off. I got a job, which sucks the free time out of anyone. I don't want to say I forGOT about Brent but combined with my membership to his site running out, yes I guess I did forget a little. Look, I'm sorry. I'm re-subscribed to both c1r.com and brenteverett.com now and along with being on break from school, damned if I'm not watching 15 webcams a day. I'm back, I'm back so hard you guys aren't gonna know what hit you. Speaking of which, here's what else motivated me to update this thing:

August 13 - LIVE WEBCAM SHOW @ 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern

As of right this second there are 6 hours left until the next Brent Everett live webcam. I've been awake since 8 in the morning, I can't wait that long. So I thought okay, I'll clean my room, I'll watch Sex and The City, and I'll update my blog today. And in a way, this long break did me some good. I have now seen every Brent Everett scene I can legally (and sometimes illegally if they're out of print, I mean what's a girl to do, right?) get my hands on. I've gained some major leverage in his filmography where as when I started this blog I knew I loved Brent, but I was sort of flailing. I got this now.

Brother Fucker: 2011. Rascal Video, Channel 1 Releasing. Director: Chi Chi LaRue (duh). 

Double Penetration: The simultaneous penetration of two orifices of one person by two other people. I think it's easy to forget that a DP isn't defined by two dicks in one hole when you've been ensconced in the world of gay porn for as long as, well, I have. Brent has said he will likely never take two dicks in his ass at the same time, but it's important to remember: that doesn't mean he can't DP. And that is what this scene is all about, him taking on these two dudes at once. The guys go by "The Rosso Twins," Luca and Liam. I mean, right off the bat I maybe would have gone with different porn names. Liam is British and Luca is Italian. And what is Rosso? How many people call them Russo by mistake, I bet about a million. But I digress, the twins are really, really hot and have amazing bodies. And here's the most important factor: Brent is super hot for them in this scene.

The scene starts off with Brent on a couch, in a room with a blue backdrop. The colors all pop, you owe it to the creators to actually pay to watch it in HQ because it's totally worth it. This is why I'm going to film school. Beautiful aesthetics aside, Brent looks perfect, better than any of us have ever looked in our lives, as usual. Special bonus: Mohawk! This is my favorite hairstyle of Brent's (all two of them, he doesn't switch it up much), I'm not sure why he doesn't keep a Mohawk going all the time. So the story in the scene is supposed to be Brent's on a casting couch for something, waiting to be seen by some casting director. Two guys keep coming in one at a time to tell him it'll just be another few minutes, which is kind of confusing because they both look identical yet they're coming in from two separate doors. What on earth could this mean? Holy shit, they're twins! Okay let's cut to the chase here: You can tell that Brent is seriously excited to get it on with the twins. He breaks character, he can't stop smiling, and how many times did he almost come before the scene was over? I think I counted twice. I've seen a lot of Brent's films and he never really smiles or acts giddy, he's all business unless it's a webcam. Kind of makes a difference in the scene doesn't it, how anxious he is to get it on with these dudes? Because. In 36 minutes. We see:

- The twins "take turns" sucking Brent's cock (they're actually fighting over it).
- Brent sucking one off while the other one sucks HIM off.
- Same thing happening but in a different position where one twin is riding him and very literally fucking his face.
- Brent sucking both of THEIR dicks back and forth like they did to him. Actually he does a true gay DP here because he has both dicks in his mouth at one point. Two dicks, one hole, there it is. That's also where you get a bit of real incest, too, because the two brothers had their dicks touching! HAS CHI CHI LARUE GONE TOO FAR
- Brent getting fucked, really fucked, way more fucked than we ever saw in any Cobra videos or Some Things Cum Up! Brent gets the life fucked out of him by a twin in a pink condom. We've never heard him scream like this, either. This...is not acting.
- Brent, while still getting fucked, sucking the other twin's dick. Another DP moment for Brent!
- As if that scene weren't enough, they switch to a rail fuck (I made that up, do you like it?). All three standing, facing the same direction, with Brent in the middle fucking one twin while getting fucked by the other. Do you know how hard that is to pull off? You have to all have the same exact rhythm or someone's dick will keep popping out. Eventually it became Brent keeping the rhythm while the other two dudes stayed still. You see? Even when he's being made into the bitch he stills commands control.

In the end both twins come on Brent's face (he's such a champ) then he jerks off and comes on his face TOO because he's Brent Everett and that's what he does. The real show stopping moments here were the last two parts of the scene, though, I mean wow. I really thought I had seen the very best I would ever see after Take A Load Off. The way Brandon Wilde road Brent in that movie changed my life forever, it's still one of my favorites. But I think Brother Fucker is the best film of his entire career.

"Rating: A+. Don't even rent it. BUY IT." That works here, too.

So a lot has happened since you last saw me. I went to HustlaBall in NYC last October and had a BLAST with my friend Andrea. I got to meet Chi Chi and she was really gracious toward me, everyone in the joint was awesome, actually. I was a little scared going in as a woman but we all partied together and had a great time. Tate Ryder kissed me and grabbed my ass. I saw Sebastian Young NOT in jail. The one downfall was Brent not being able to make it. He's locked out of the U.S. on immigration problems, and now including HustlaBall there's been three events in the states he's had to cancel because of it. It's awful and heartbreaking so, I think we should all support the shit out of him and subscribe to brenteverett.com and watch all of the webcam shows, for all of eternity. Including tonight's. 4 hours left.

Have you guys heard the new Gaga vs. the new Katy Perry? What's the verdict? I'm Gaga for life TBH.